Testimonials on Graphic Design
Peter KleinFrom Peter Anthony Klein
Founder, Empower Your Brilliance

As founder of Empower Your Brilliance, I work with heart-centered entrepreneurs, individuals, small businesses, early phase and startup companies to provide foundation and structure for long term business success. It is with complete confidence that I have referred my clients to Jennifer Star and all of them have had spectacular results with her work. In each instance, she has provided outstandingly innovative, creative and artistic graphic design solutions that have enhanced and expressed their brand or service perfectly. No matter the niche, product, or individual, Jennifer provides an inherently intuitive approach that has thrilled each and every one of my clients. I highly recommend her work and intend to continue referring all my clients to her for their graphic design solutions.

Cayelin K CastellFrom Cayelin K Castell
Shamanic Astrologer

I love the magical way my new website logo and banner manifested. When Jennifer Star asked me what I wanted for a logo or banner I had no idea. I was completely blank and uninspired. She asked me some questions and somehow got ideas from my answers and then came up with the basic design. I made a few suggestions and Jennifer made a few adjustments over the next couple of weeks and then suddenly there was this magical moment when it all came together. I can probably never thank Jennifer enough for her ability to listen deeply and apply that to her artistic brilliance and her skill as a graphic artist. I highly recommend her work for anyone who wants graphic design services. If you know what you want she can work with you on that, and even if you have no idea what you want she can work with that too – as she did for me. Plus, her rates are very reasonable.

Denise DurkinFrom Denise Durkin
Early Childhood Mental Health Consultant

Working with Jennifer to create my website banner was a real treat. She is a wonderful mix of kind, helpful, easy-going, and hugely creative! I highly recommend Jennifer for folks looking for stellar graphic design work.

Koyopa institute MandalaFrom Kat Ebin
Founder, Koyopa Institute

When I think of Jennifer Star, the words that come to mind are professional, ethical, creative, talented, intuitive and caring. I would recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone looking for graphic design.

What I presented her with, when we started working on my project, was the need for a logo, a website banner and a business card. I had a rough sketch, a vague idea of something I had in mind for the logo, and lots of thoughts about what I didn't want.

It was from that starting point that magic ensued. Suddenly, thoughts and ideas I hadn't even articulated to myself started manifesting themselves in the brilliant design that seemed to appear out of nowhere via email. Only having spoken once on the telephone, exchanging digital bits and pieces of information and imagery along the way, Jennifer was able to tap into the real essence of who I am and the vision that I held for the project at hand. It was truly a magical experience; an adventure that was empowering and humbling at the same time. When we finished our work I was thrilled with the results.

I'll end by saying that Jennifer is very skillful at observing boundaries. If you have a specific end-result in mind, she will execute that impeccably and specifically to order. If you have an unclear or inchoate vision of where you're headed, she will very respectfully offer her own inspiration. In my case, there was a lovely sort of intuitive dance that went on between the two of us that led to some fantastic results. And, on top of all that, I think that her rates are extremely reasonable, and she runs her business in such a way that there are never any surprises as far as costs go.

"Kind words may be short and easy to speak,
but their echoes are truly endless."

~Mother Theresa